Who we are

Investeam is a Third Party Marketer dedicated to the sales and marketing of investment managers.

A pioneer and leading player in the TPM business

Investeam was created in 2004 and is wholly owned by its management. Investeam has raised over €2.5 billion for fund manager and over €1 billion in Canada. Present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and UK, Investeam is a founding member of the AFTPM: French Association of Third Party Marketers.

3 major objectives

  • Ensure the successful business development of fund managers.
  • Provide investors with a range of risk-adjusted innovative investment solutions.
  • Provide both fund managers and investors with long-term tailor-made client services.

Investeam is not

  • a consultant
  • an opportunistic business provider
  • a broker
  • a fund selector
  • a fund manager

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