You are an independant financial advisore

We provide a range of services tailored to your clients’ needs and we always attend to your demands.

A quality customer service

  • A two-people sales team dedicated to the financial advisors.
  • A permanent presence: meetings, telephone, mail, etc.
  • A regular information on the funds through commercial tools.
  • A dynamic and interactive internet website: fund informations, track record, news on fund managers, roadshows and events calendar, etc.

A product range

  • The access to independent fund managers.
  • A large and diversified product range in terms of fund classes, sectors, zones, etc.
  • High return and innovative products.

Fund referencing

Where to find the funds?

  • Aprep
  • Cholet Dupont Partenaires
  • Finaveo
  • La Française AM
  • Oradea Vie
  • Orelis Finance
  • UAF Patrimoine
  • Vie Plus Suravenir

A specific attention to the financial advisors' needs

  • Monthly newsletters: Perspectives, Opinions de Talents, Gold Monitor, etc
  • Numerous possibilities to meet the fund managers: one-to-one, conference calls, roadshows, trade fairs, etc.
  • Referencing with the major life insurance and banking platforms.
  • The forthcoming events and meetings are listed in our calendar.

Numerous events

  • Over 140 events in more than 25 cities in 2015.
  • Events organised every months.
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