Our commitments

A genuine spirit of partnership: teamwork, representation and transparency


Investeam is tied to the professional secrecy.

Avoiding conflict

We do not allow ourselves to market products with identical characteristics in terms of investment profile, index, performance and risk objectives, management style, etc.


  • We actively work to promote the business development of the fund managers and their financial products.
  • We develop an in-depth knowledge of the fund management companies, including a permanent knowledge of their products and management processes.

Resource obligation

  • We are committed to be equipped with all necessary, modern communication and information resources: hardware and software services adapted to marketing and sales of financial products, video conference facilities, dedicated network, CRM, PAO, high quality printer, etc.
  • Our website is designed to provide investors with easy and immediate information on the funds and fund managers.


  • As a founding member of the French Association of Third Party Marketers AFTPM, Investeam exercises its responsibilities and mission with the will to follow a strict professional code of ethics.
  • Implying to be loyal, highly-experienced and time-effective, to serve its customers in their best interests.


  • Full compliance with all applicable local market rules and regulations.
  • Strict professional code of ethics.
  • Detailed client information and compliance with money laundering procedures.


  • We make sure that the information delivered to customers and prospects are clear and accurate. These information are in compliance with the requirements mentioned in the articles 314-10 thru 314-17 of the General Regulation of the French financial markets regulator AMF.
  • We endeavor to maintain a trustful relationship with our customers.
  • We are committed to regularly communicate on our commercial action.


Investeam is wholly owned by its management and pursues a unique goal: increase, at a lesser cost, the fund manager's turnover and customer portfolio.

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